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Access 12.5 Years of Agile Expertise in the Netherlands

Trends and next steps for leaders in a changing environment.

Today's most successful businesses have one thing in common: they are super resilient and responsive to change. Agile has helped them overcome hurdles to thrive in challenging times.

Our e-Magazine captures over a decade's worth of learnings from Agile leaders and industry experts. Together they share exclusive insights, best practices, and their vision of the future of Agile in combination with articles of the industry leaders. 

Get inspired by their experiences and gain the knowledge needed to take your own next step in your professional digital and Agile journey.


  • Read all about the Agile transformation at ING, Unilever, ASR, Nikhef, Kadaster, and more. 
  • How to create the Workforce of the Future?
  • Can you structure Agile? And, what do your teams need to excel at Agile? Xebia's Structuring Agility - Paradox or Silver Lining
  • How to implement a new Agile Operating Model to unlock the potential of Data and Cloud?