15 Years

Agile in the Netherlands

Agile made its way to the Netherlands more that 15 years ago and has been transforming businesses ever since. Who dared to dive in headfirst, and what insights have those Thought Leaders, Gurus, and Executive Decision Makers gathered along the way?

Expect revealing stories, unfortunate pitfalls, exciting learnings, and a forecast of Agile's future by founders and followers. Our latest edition of the e-magazine with 15 Years of Agile Expertise in the Netherlands brings together more than a decade of Agile experience and knowledge, gained by working with leading Dutch companies.




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“Companies that do Agile transformations in name only will fail.
Scrum is absolutely vital for companies to survive and thrive.”

- Jeff Sutherland

The Future of Agile Organizations

"The most successful organizations are overwhelmingly using Scrum at Scale - and they do this 'by the book'."

Leading Change within Large Enterprises

“As a leader you have to dare to question your own ideas and vision. Address issues, listen, and understand the human aspects of business.”


To be truly Agile, stay up to date, and remain relevant in a changing world.

Future Insights

Experience Xebia’s market-leading business agility insights and best practices. We shares what's next in the world of digital and Agile transformations, from a business and IT perspective. From developing agility to culture, leadership, technology, governance and everything in between.

AGILE NXT is all about knowledge sharing. We offer a comprehensive guide for you to masterfully navigate future challenges. Discover what it means to be Agile and lead the way through transformation.

AGILENXT is an initiative of Xebia.